Shall we?

Like that prized bottle of your favorite drink, usually alcoholic, certain creativity has to be savoured from time to time. The pleasure is made all the more palpable when shared with total strangers, not so teetotaller friends and  that member of your family who does a bit more on the internet than just share naughty WhatsApp limericks on Facebook.

My writing — from screenplays to stories, technical columns to newspaper articles, three failed blogs, the occasional tweet and the innumerable lascivious nuggets of perverted wit which form the majority of my Facebook posts — has always sputtered and tottered in fits and bursts.

As a working filmmaker and occasional photographer besides the fifty other excuses I come up with each day, my writing has received the most neglect.

This website is an attempt to work out a whole system of forced creativity to join forces with everything that I am and that I do, by creating this bottle of a heady cocktail which includes, my writing, videos and photographs, to be savoured from time to time.

Once a week, I shall be writing my Mumbai on Wheels column, now revived, about my life experiences in Mumbai on a wheelchair.

There shall be a daily video blog, the subject of which will evolve one experimental day at a time.

Finally, there will be dashes of the occasional rant, observation or debate in the hope of eliciting interaction with my visitors and people at large.

To get the barebones about me, look up the about section in the menu or contact me using…contact.

It’s happy hour, the bottle is out and I’m pouring. Do give me company but bring your own glass.


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