Rustom Irani is the founder and creative head of MoniePlant Productions, a Mumbai
based film/video production house catering primarily towards the corporate and
industrial client. Born with a neurological disease which weakens motor functioning,
Rustom was left permanently confined to his wheelchair after a motorbike accident at
age nine. Rather than incapacitate, his disability challenged him to continuously
adapt his lifestyle to India with its limited infrastructure and social inadequacies.

After graduating in English from Mumbai, he desired a more independent life to
pursue higher education because he was tired of being carried and lifted everywhere
all his life and so studied filmmaking in San Francisco, USA, earning another B.A. in
the process. Upon returning to Mumbai he realised that, though modernisation had
bloomed overnight the facilities and attitude towards the disabled were severely

Instead of waiting for other organisations and individuals to take up his cause Rustom
actively began to make his basic places of visit, work and leisure more accessible
using all means possible. His early breakthroughs came about with the help of the
local news agencies and passionate engineers whom he used to ensure accessibility
in major public spaces. He continues to guest contribute in local dailies and online
forums about issues of inclusiveness in Indian society which starts with basic
access. His ten part series “Mumbai On Wheels” for a popular daily earned him more
exposure and much-needed initiative from individuals who felt the same about the

Rustom has worked on several narrative and documentary projects in the US, UK
and India, earning accolades in competitions and the professional arena of films. He
was also one of only five moderators for the number one short screenplay website
on the internet, Moviepoet.com and a regular guest contributor/technical advisor to
filmmaking forums and blogs. He sold his first Hindi feature film script, a fantasy
genre for children in 2011.

He continues to use his professional skills and experience in dealing with disability
issues to change disabled mindsets into enabled transformations.